Mid Century Desks – Avocado Green – A Mid Century Dream?

I’ve found my dream – Avocado Green! This Mid Century Desk from the 1960’s set me thinking! How to put into words, the feeling you get, when you uncover a unique, one off hidden gem.

It got me contemplating how, in my line of work as a Vintage & Mid Century Furniture Retailer & Blogger, the pursuit of these one-of-a-kind pieces can be truly exhilarating. Whether you’re at an auction or exploring a house clearance, there’s always that thrilling sense of anticipation, wondering what hidden gems might be waiting to be discovered. And when you do uncover that special find, it creates an immediate personal connection and attachment that’s truly remarkable.

While sitting in my home office this morning, I found myself engrossed in the task of uploading images of our Mid Century desks to showcase on our online store RetroNovia, dedicated to our amazing customers. Among the treasures I was adding, one particular piece tugged at my heartstrings – an original 1960s Green Avocado Mid Century Desk pictured above

Exploring the Allure of a Mid Century Vintage Desk

What was it that captivated me about this desk? As I sat in my office, pondering its unique charm, I couldn’t help but be drawn in by several captivating features that made it stand out in the world of vintage furniture.

1. Authentic Mid Century Aesthetics

The first thing that caught my eye was its authentic Mid Century look. Those splayed legs, a hallmark of the era’s design, lent it an unmistakable character. It was like stepping back in time to the 1950s and 1960s, an era known for its innovative and stylish furniture.

2. Uniqueness in Every Detail

But what truly set this desk apart was its sheer uniqueness. It was a one-of-a-kind piece, a rarity that’s hard to come by in today’s mass-produced world. Each detail, from the carefully crafted legs to the Formica top, spoke of a time when furniture was more than just functional; it was a work of art.

3. Compact and Versatile

Despite its vintage roots, this desk was surprisingly neat and compact, making it a perfect fit for modern home interiors. It didn’t overwhelm the room but rather added a touch of elegance and nostalgia. Its size was just right, striking a balance between style and functionality.

4. The Enchanting Avocado Green

Ah, the color! It was impossible not to be charmed by the stunning Avocado Green. This shade, once the epitome of ‘cool,’ had stood the test of time and was back in vogue. It gave the desk a personality of its own, making it a statement piece in any room.

5. The Whispers of History

As I admired the desk, I couldn’t help but think about the history it carried with it. In the 1960s, what stories did it witness? Who sat at it, crafting letters or working on projects? The desk seemed to hold a treasure trove of memories, just waiting to be discovered.

In conclusion, this Mid Century Vintage Desk was not just a piece of furniture; it was a piece of history, a testament to the timeless appeal of mid-century design. Its authenticity, uniqueness, compactness, and enchanting color made it a captivating addition to any space. As I gazed upon it, I was reminded of the beauty that can be found in the past, and the stories that vintage furniture like this one can tell.

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Vintage and Retro Furniture – What’s the difference?

Hi there, I’m so glad you have stumbled across this page. I presume you want to know what the difference is between Vintage & Retro furniture?  I could not find a definitive answer  and there appears to be no right or wrong answer to this question. However, I have done a bit of research and  I have come up with my own view on this.

So what’s the difference between vintage and retro furniture? When I first became interested in pre-owned, mid-century furniture, props and accessories I decided to try and find out through a bit of research what the difference was .

G Plan Sideboard

Where The Word Vintage Came From

Let’s start by finding out what the word vintage actually means. I bet you didn’t know that the word vintage was first used in the early 15th century? OK, if you did know then you earn a brownie point from me! The  Old French word ‘vendage’ means wine harvest when translated and this is where the term vintage originally came from. So vintage was first used to describe the process of picking the grapes and creating a harvest to complete a finished product – wine. For a wine to be classed as vintage the grapes that it was made from must have mainly, or all have been grown and harvested in a specified single year. So, I expect you have heard enough about my interesting synopsis on the word vintage.

The Meaning of the Word Vintage – When Describing Furniture

Why don’t we  get to the nitty gritty – what does vintage mean when referring to furniture?

The conclusion that I came to was that a piece of furniture should be at least 40 years old to be properly classified as vintage and no older than 100 years. Once a piece of furniture is 100 years old it is normally classified as antique. A vintage piece of furniture is normally an old piece of furniture that is a good example of the era it came from. A good example of this in the 1960’s would be a G Plan Fresco Sideboard. This had all the characteristics of Mid Century Danish Style furniture.

There were certain prominent manufactures of furniture particularly in the 1950’s to 1970’s such as Stag, Ercol, A H McIntosh, Younger and Archie Shine, Nathan and G Plan.

The Meaning of the Word Retro – When Describing Furniture

So what about retro furniture then? I would say Retro furniture is furniture that reflects a certain trend, style or era normally from the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and more recently the 80’s. Retro furniture does not have to be old it simply needs to be built in the style of that era. Retro furniture is making a huge comeback and is once again adorning our homes.

Vintage retro fine – retro vintage not !! 30 years to 100 years to be vintage the furniture should define an

The history of G Plan Furniture

G Plan furniture is a British brand that is known for its high-quality, mid-century modern furniture. The history of G Plan furniture dates back to the early 20th century and is closely tied to the evolution of British furniture design.

1. **Founding of G Plan**: G Plan, short for “E. Gomme Ltd.,” was founded by Ebenezer Gomme in 1898 in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. Initially, the company produced traditional-style wooden furniture.

2. **Post-World War II Era**: After World War II, there was a significant shift in design aesthetics and consumer preferences. People began to gravitate towards more modern, functional, and minimalist furniture designs. G Plan recognized this trend and adapted its product line accordingly.

3. **Introduction of G Plan Modern Furniture**: In the 1950s and 1960s, G Plan launched its G Plan Modern range, which would become highly influential in the world of furniture design. They employed notable designers like Kofod-Larsen and Victor Wilkins to create sleek and stylish pieces that embodied the mid-century modern design principles. These pieces often featured clean lines, teak wood, and practical yet aesthetically pleasing designs.

4. **Popularity and Export**: G Plan Modern furniture gained popularity not only in the UK but also internationally. The brand’s reputation for quality and design excellence led to export success, particularly in the United States.

5. **Collaborations and Expansions**: G Plan continued to collaborate with renowned designers, including R. Bennett and V. M. Wilkins. They expanded their product range to include a wide variety of furniture pieces such as sofas, dining tables, and storage units.

6. **Changing Ownership**: Over the years, G Plan went through changes in ownership. It was owned by various companies, including the Morris Furniture Group and the Sofa Brands International. These changes in ownership didn’t significantly impact the brand’s commitment to quality and design.

7. **Resurgence**: In the 21st century, there was a resurgence of interest in mid-century modern design, and G Plan capitalized on this trend by reintroducing some of its iconic mid-century pieces, catering to both nostalgia and contemporary design preferences.

8. **Legacy**: G Plan furniture is celebrated for its enduring design appeal, quality craftsmanship, and comfort. Vintage G Plan pieces from the mid-century era have become collectors’ items and continue to be sought after by enthusiasts and collectors alike.

G Plan furniture has a rich history and remains a prominent name in the world of furniture design, cherished for its contribution to mid-century modern aesthetics and its commitment to quality craftsmanship. While the ownership and product lines have evolved over the years, the G Plan name continues to evoke the spirit of mid-century design excellence.

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